Guest And Visitor Policy

It is a set of guidelines applicable to User and its Guest/ Visitor under the terms of the Awfis-User Agreement.

User shall be free to invite its Guests and Visitors at Awfis Work Space Solution.

Guest shall mean a person who accompanies the User for a continuous duration of 1 hour or more and Visitor shall mean a person who visits the User for duration of 1 hour or less at the Awfis Work Space Solution.

Common Area shall mean the waiting area around the Awfis reception excluding the areas dedicated for the use by Users. Dedicated User areas would include Meeting Room/ Lounge, Conference Room, Dedicated and non Dedicated workstations, Community area etc.

Number of person/s permissible as User’s Guest/s shall depend upon the type and plan of booking by the User.

User shall be responsible for booking sufficient Work Space Solution to entertain its Guests at the time of booking and Awfis shall not be responsible for providing any additional space beyond the Common Area.

Guests will be allowed in Common Area as per availability of space in Common Area subject to discretion of Awfis.

If the Guest stays for more than 1 hour without sufficient space being booked by the User, the User shall have to purchase day pass for its Guest.

Day Pass shall mean an amount equivalent to the fee for booking a Daily Flexi Seating plan or the equivalent fee for booking a Meeting Room/ Conference Room subject to availibility of Work Space Solution and at the sole discretion of Awfis.

In the event of Sufficient Space being not booked by User and sufficient space being also not available for the purpose of Day Pass, the Guest shall not be allowed to stay at Work Space Solution for more than 1 hour.

Guests and Visitors are required to adhere to the terms and conditions of the Awfis-User Agreement.

User shall ensure that its Guests and Visitors carry valid Identity Proof with them failing which they shall be denied access to Awfis Work Space Solution.

User shall be solely responsible for the actions and behaviour of its Guests and Visitors during their visit at Awfis Work Space Solution.