Our Story

Awfis Space Solutions Ltd. (‘Awfis’) is the largest flexible workspace solutions company in India based on total number of centers (as of December 31, 2023).  We provide a wide spectrum of flexible workspace solutions ranging from individual flexible desk needs to customized office spaces for start-ups, small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) as well as for large corporates and multi-national corporations. Our flexible workspace solutions cater to varied seat cohorts ranging from a single seat to multiple seats, which can be contracted by our clients for a period ranging from one hour to several years. Over time, we have evolved from a co-working space to an integrated workspace solutions platform.

While our core solution is co-working solutions which includes flex workspaces, customized office spaces and mobility solutions, we have built capabilities to design, build, maintain and manage a wide range of flexible workspace requirements such as Awfis Transform (our construction and fit-out services business segment) and Awfis Care (our facility management services business segment). We also provide allied services ranging from food and beverages, information technology support services and infrastructure services such as storage and customization to event hosting and meeting arrangements.

Our Network

Awfis is present in all Tier 1 cities and seven Tier 2 cities, covering 16 cities and 48 micro markets in India. As we are the largest flexible workspace solutions company in India, based on total number of centers, our clients benefit from enhanced accessibility to workspaces, community engagement and quality across all our centers. Our wide supply network enables us to leverage on the workplace evolution towards liquid workforce and flexibility to work from a network of locations or work from anywhere or hybrid working. We started expanding our network to Tier 2 cities in Fiscal 2018, and this early expansion enabled us to strengthen our footprint and help a Fortune 500 company establish their presence and set up dedicated centers in Tier 2 cities such as Jaipur, Indore and Nagpur. Our network, experience and relationships across cities and locations allow us to streamline our offerings in a new location and address the local needs of that market. We have built a strong foundation over the last few years to ensure a strong growth in our office supply. 

Our Leadership Team