Our Story

With a passion to create inspirational workspace solutions, Amit Ramani founded Awfis Space Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (‘Awfis’) in April, 2015. Over the last few years, Awfis has evolved from being coworking network to a fully tech-enabled workspace solutions platform that provides products across the spectrum of work requirements including Flex Workspaces, Enterprise Workspace Solution, Design & Build Solution (Awfis Transform), Integrated Facility Management (Awfis Care), Remote Working Solutions & Work From Home Solution (Awfis@Home). You can view the Awfis Extract to Annual Return here.

Awfis currently has 90+ centres and 51,000+ seats across 13 cities and is focused on redefining the way work gets done in the current business environment, by providing an ecosystem of inspiring workspaces for the innovative freelancers, entrepreneurs and corporates for their changing business needs. Members get benefits of using custom-sized, multi-location workspaces on a flexible lease tenor ranging from an hour to one year (or more) depending on their work requirements.

The comprehensive Awfis solution (desk, Wi-Fi, printing, meeting rooms, permanent address etc.) provides everything that an office user will require, at extremely competitive costs making “Awfis, the new office”. Awfis has a total member base of 1500+ companies and 28,000+ professionals ranging from India’s coolest start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Awfis curates 500+ exclusive events, workshops and experiences every year for its community members. Under its Rewards Program, Awfis has also curated 100+ strategic partnerships that provide its community members seamless access to leading service providers making it a one-stop-shop for all requirements of an emerging corporate’s set up.









What We Stand By

Be Inspirational

Community First

Deliver Awesomeness


Max Growth Min Waste

More with Less

Our Team

Awfis is backed by 100+ strong minds with deep expertise in hospitality, real estate, technology, design and operations.