Awfis Roaming

This unique offering from Awfis gives your team the flexibility to book a desk from any of the centres, across our network. Your team members do not have to pay every time to book a desk. Transfer the Awfis Roaming credits to empower your team and boost their productivity.

Awfis Roaming

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What you will get?

Discount & Offers

Exclusive offers across categories like Health & Wellness, Retail, business services, Tech and more


Complimentary Amenities

High Speed Internet, Meeting Room Usage , Printing Credits , Hot Beverages

Meet like-minded people

Brainstorm, get valuable real-time feedback or a friendly advice on your big idea

Our Members Speak

Awfis is a vibrant place with aesthetic decor and helpful staff. When I work out of Awfis, I feel like the professional that I am!

Shalini Raghaviah

Firebird Consultants

Made working remotely so much easier. Love the space and the environment is very welcoming and supportive!

Ms. Sunaina Basu

Awfis@Lowerparel situated at very prime location with 5-10 minutes walk from Lower Parel railway station. It has easy access to lots of eating options,printing, high speed internet ,unlimited tea,coffee & snacks.

Rohan Save

Great space to work, friendly staff, and generally nice folks all around.

Meghna Sethi


"Nice interior design.Good infrastructure. Awesome place to work. I will suggest Awfis to everyone who is looking for an awesome place to work."

Hamid Raja

Good location & great connectivity. Good opportunity to collaborate which could help in new business development.

Harini Murthy


What is Awfis Roaming?

Awfis Roaming is a unique and convenient solution for corporates and businesses, offering a single point of access to the Awfis network for all members in the organization.

Businesses demand some amount of travel and it’s not restricted to a particular person or set of people. With Awfis Roaming, any member/s in your team can avail of the Awfis space and services across the country.
Awfis Roaming is available in blocks of 10 to 100 visits, with a validity of six months. You can opt for any of the available options basis the travel projections for you and your teams. Once you opt for Awfis Roaming, you get the flexibility to work from any of the 30 Awfis centres spread across 9 cities.

Who can use Awfis Roaming?

While Awfis Roaming is as useful for any businesses which require travel; it is an ideal option for large corporates with sizeable teams, who travel extensively for work to places where their office does not have an outpost.
Awfis Roaming enables organizations to maximize productive time by allowing the teams to work hassle-free out of a professional fully serviced office setup, from wherever they are – within the city or traveling to other cities.

How does the Awfis Roaming work?

Awfis Roaming entails a simple purchase – transfer – redeem process. Once the solution is purchased by the organization, basis the visits package opted for, those many visits (days) will get credited to the primary user’s account. As and when required by a team member the user can transfer the required visits to the member who can redeem it using his Awfis account.

The visits allow you to redeem and book a desk at any of our centres across the network, from the Awfis website or app (based on availability). You need not pay for the booking again, until the number of visits get exhausted or validity of Awfis Roaming expires.

I have purchased Awfis Roaming, now how do I book a seat?

Follow the steps below for booking through Awfis Roaming:
  • Select the city and centre where you wish to work, from the dropdown
  • Select start date & number of visits you wish to make to the particular centre
  • Check availability for seats
  • If available, redeem your visits and pre-book your seat.
  • Once you have the booking confirmation, please visit the centre and connect with our community manager who will help you get started in the centre.

Can I transfer my Awfis Roaming?

Absolutely; this unique offering is meant to be circulated and transferred amongst team members within an organization and registered with Awfis.

Can I pre-book a space for half a day?

Once you have Awfis Roaming, you can pre-book a seat at any of our centres for any number of days subject to availability of space at the centre and requisite visits available. However, if you use it to pre-book and use the space for less than one day, it will still be considered as a full day. It cannot be redeemed for hourly or half day consumptions.

Can I bring my team member(s) or invite guests for meeting?

No, you can not have more than one person using this product. If you need to conduct a meeting or work with your team then you need to book meeting room or buy additional passes.

My query is not covered in the FAQ.

We apologize for not having been able to address your concerns above. We would be happy to answer any further queries that you may have. Please contact us here.