5 Ways In Which Companies Are Innovating For That Perfect Work Environment

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18 October 2017

5 Ways In Which Companies Are Innovating For That Perfect Work Environment

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New and exciting times are here for the workforce of new-age organisations. With drab interiors and segregated workplaces making way for exciting office space ideas, innovation is clearly the driving force behind organisations that are led by enterprising entrepreneurs. Welcome to the times when organisations have realised the importance of ensuring a positive work environment over the traditional practise of emphasising purely on ‘work’.

Here are a few path-breaking innovations that these companies are embracing with great enthusiasm to offer their employees the desired work environment.


Laptops and wireless internet are transforming the way we work at our office space. Gone are the days when we would have to stay restricted to our work desks. Back then, it was the age of desktops and the concept of laptops at the workplace was still new. Tech innovations are making mobility at workplaces a reality, encouraging companies to experiment with newer concepts of work desks.

Hot-desking is one such innovation that eliminates the idea of employees working at assigned personal desks. It gives them the freedom to move around and occupy any one of the available seats of their choice every day.

It rids employees of the monotony of working from the same desk every day. It also offers them the convenience of sitting with co-workers that they need to co-ordinate with for an impending task. What’s more, it makes it possible for the new-age companies to ensure the optimal utilisation of the available space.

Co-working space

Co-working has emerged as the trend that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon and understandably so. With several organisations from across industries working under the same roof at shared office spaces, it breaks down barriers among co-workers. It widens their horizon, accelerates the learning process and presents an opportunity for networking.

5 Ways In Which Companies Are Innovating For That Perfect Work Environment

Overlapped work zones

Office spaces are now being designed in a way that opens many more opportunities for interaction among employees. Modern workspaces are consciously shying away from the rigidity of working in cubicles. They are breaking down walls to initiate uninterrupted collaboration among their employees. After all, the most innovative ideas don’t strike when you are constantly restricted to your desk the entire day.

Workspaces are coming up with fascinating, out-of-the-box ideas for multiple uses of spaces, apart from what they are usually used for. For instance, staircases and terraces also double up as a space for regular team huddles and stand-up meetings. Multi-tasking individuals now have multi-tasking workspaces to enhance their productivity.

One desk for all employees

A ‘super desk’ takes the concept of an ‘open office’ a step further. Companies are spearheading innovative workplace strategies to offer their employees a perfect work environment and initiate a consistent collaborative approach at work. A single work desk for all boosts unity among the employees, which becomes evident in their creativity and business outcomes.

Fascinating green interiors

Greenery has a positive impact on the minds of the workforce. It contributes to aestheticism, health and happiness of employees. It enhances their productivity and contributes to a positive work environment. Companies are taking it to the next level by replicating nature at their workplace. From simply placing plant pots at different corners, they are creating a prototype of a forest or a nature park right at their workspace. Imagine the thrill of working while sitting on a bench in a park, soaking in the peace and tranquillity of nature!


5 Ways In Which Companies Are Innovating For That Perfect Work EnvironmentImage Courtesy: Simon Wild

Practical ergonomics with a dash of creativity is evidently the way forward. This is just the beginning and many more are yet to come, as innovation knows no bounds.

Have you come across any other enthralling office space ideas that focus on work environment? Do share them with us.

5 Apps to Increase Productivity at Work

Business Innovations

25 August 2021

5 Apps to Increase Productivity at Work

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Life has become much easier with the advent of technology. With access to latest technology, work has become less strenuous. The biggest contribution to technology has been the invention of smartphones. They have not only made communication easy, but also play core to organize our lives. The hundreds of ‘add on apps’ have made life stress-free and have definitely helped increase productivity, in every possible way.


Here are some applications that we feel will help you outperform at work.

  1. WandurList:

As the name suggests WandurList is an app that helps you in maintaining a number of lists. It is a clean application which enables you to make multiple lists under various folders. It is available for Android, iOS and web users, but what makes it stand out is that WandurList enables you to access the lists from anywhere and from any device. The lists that you make are saved in the cloud, thus letting you share the lists with the other users. So the next time you are out of your office and need to assign work or access previous work, WandurList will be your go to app.

  1. Shoeboxed:

Tired of keeping track of your expense receipts before submitting for tax reduction every month? We have a perfect solution for you. Use shoebox and say goodbye to the strenuous process of filling out forms. Shoeboxed is perfect for people who are up and about in the name of the business. Shoebox can access either via android, iOS mobiles or also via the web. Scan the bills and Shoebox sorts out and collates the receipts for you and also generates an expense report.  By the end of the month all you will have to do is send it out to your accounts team.

  1. Speek:

Conference calling is an important aspect of how work happens in the business world. With growing business environment one needs to connect to people from various parts of the world and that’s where Speek steps in. It is an application that enables you to have a con-call by eliminating the process of dialling the numbers and the pin codes. Speek gives you a personal link which has to be shared with the people you want to have the conference call with and all they have to do is click the link to join in via their laptop, smartphone or the computer. So want to make a conference call? It’s just a link away now!

  1. Keeper:

Have a lot of passwords of various platforms to keep track of? Tired of sending email to the IT to retrieve your passwords? This application takes that burden of remembering passwords off your shoulders. You have one master password that has all the passwords stored in it. If any hack is attempted all the passwords are automatically erased to maintain secrecy. This application can be accessed via a phone, laptop or a computer with the android, IOS software or by using the web.

  1. Prezi:

Need to make flawless presentations that capture your client’s attention? We have a unique cloud based presentation application – Prezi. This app lets you put down all the information on one canvas and mark it out instead of making separate slides. It uses Adobe Flash Technology to animate the presentation. The application is easy to use and is also compatible for Windows, chrome, iOS and the Web.

Try the apps out and see the increased productivity that these applications bring about in your work life!

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Freelancers Work Better in Office Spaces than Coffee Shops

Business Innovations

25 August 2021

Freelancers Work Better in Office Spaces than Coffee Shops

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You would have seen freelancers and solopreneurs working intensely at coffee shops, buying a cup of coffee accompanied with something to bite on now and then, more to keep the table occupied rather than ordering by choice! But working out of a coffee shop comes with a set of challenges. Being in such a relaxed, casual ambience for work, you are not really motivated enough and you can only rely on self-motivation to keep you going.

Thankfully, this is something that can be resolved by working at collaborative office spaces. Leased workspaces and desks that you can find on a reliable collaborative working website like https://www.awfis.com/inspiration/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/shutterstock_3835072871.jpg.com will also give you access to all amenities that you need when you work in an office, like free Wi-Fi and unlimited tea and coffee to keep you fueled up.

Freelancers in office spaces

Freelancers are looking for offices spaces with a positive atmosphere to conduct their work. More often than not, freelancers have a lonely job. They are at their laptops doing their work. However, at home, they have several distractions to keep them away from their desk. Coffee shops do not make the best talking environments for productive business meetings as a plethora of distractions come your way. No such worries exist in a collaborative working space where you are paying rent to be at your desk for work.

Let’s talk about the motivation factor now. Because you are in a roomful of people working on their desks, you are motivated to be a part of that workforce. You can make some great professional friends. As a freelancer, you cannot deny that working alongside others is a much better feeling that being a lone wolf, especially on days when things are a bit rusty. The general working ambience keeps you afloat, something that you find in plenty of plug & play rented office spaces.

If you have not considered working in a collaborative working environment, now is a good time to do that. All your criteria will be met and your business will commence in a cheerful and inspiring environment. After all, your venture deserves only the best.

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For Young Entrepreneurs in India, Awfis is the New Office

Business Innovations

25 August 2021

For Young Entrepreneurs in India, Awfis is the New Office

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As they say, all you need to succeed is a big idea!
However, in the fiercely competitive world, you have to be careful about how you use that big idea. When you start off, you have multiple challenges on your side, including the really daunting one of arranging for start-up capital. You will be surprised to know the number of Unicorns which started off on a shoestring budget.

Things have changed since. You no longer need to set up a big office space and buy all the furniture necessary to set off your own company. Welcome to a new way of working out of an office: Awfis! At Awfis, you will get exactly what you need for your start-up or your work as an entrepreneur: a highly productive space to conduct your business.

Awfis is your new Office

Collaborative working has been around for a while now, but it is only now that it is starting to catch up here in India. At the forefront of this change is Awfis. We have Pro-Working centres where you can work in your own leased offices, along with your own team of professionals. For those who are playing it out as a lone wolf now, this is a better opportunity to make your mark!

There are many reasons why Awfis is the new office today. For example, the meeting rooms which we have in the leading cities of the country are all located in premium destinations. The centrality of the location makes it easier for you to commute and network with people for meetings and discussions. Clients and customers will not shy away from visiting your office premises because it is far away. Your business is in a better position, location wise.

Additionally, you are working alongside professionals who can turn out to be excellent future business contacts for you. Who knows, you may get the next big project from the person seated right next to you in the collaborative working ambiance! Also you may not have to hunt around for a professional in a desired field because the person may be working in the next cabin. Collaborative pro-working spaces are an excellent choice for business networking.

Awfis ensures that you get the best technological and infrastructural support when you work in our Co-Working centres. You will appreciate the environment and that will certainly inspire you to work even harder, the wind beneath the sails that you need when you are starting off.