Are ‘Virtual Offices’ The Way We Will Work In The Future?

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28 May 2018

Are ‘Virtual Offices’ The Way We Will Work In The Future?

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In today’s new entrepreneurial world, with its disappearing geographical boundaries, varying time zones and seamless connectivity, it is quite possible to be at one location and work for anyone, anywhere.

So, does the location really matter a lot? Given the increasing popularity of virtual offices, one would be inclined to believe not so much.

Let’s look at how the concept evolved and what it means for the businesses of today.

The meaning of virtual offices

A virtual office, quite simply, is a model that gives businesses a physical address and all the many office-related services without any of the associated overheads that a long lease and https://www. staff might run up.

This needn’t be restricted to a one-person show but can include a whole team, with all employees sitting and working from their preferred location, and yet operating with the same mailing address, telephone and messaging services. A virtual office can, if need be, extend to physical locations and include facilities like meeting rooms, video conferencing and other business requirements, but at a much lower cost and greater flexibility.

Virtual offices find most patronage from start-ups and small businesses who do not wish to as yet invest into a physical property, whether on rent or to purchase but have the need for a common, professional image. Many times, the business continues to thrive and grow without ever feeling the need for a physical location to call its own.

How did virtual offices come into being?

As more and more people began using laptops and smartphones, and seamless internet connectivity became reality for many, the concept of work-from-home and flexitimes emerged.

However, the origin of virtual offices can be traced to even before that, when the Industrial Revolution began to be replaced by the Information Age. This was the time when there was a migration of people from smaller towns to larger cities, leaving behind traditional jobs like farmers, blacksmiths, smaller retailers, etc. to join the multitudes of office workers.

Several individuals started their own businesses, some large, some small; and this necessitated the need for a place to conduct business from. However, not everyone could afford the high rents or mortgage that it entailed. And that is what led to the creation of the virtual office.

Who coined the term first?

It was Ralph Gregory who, when he became a father, wanted to spend more time with his daughter and yet maintain his professional image. He devised a method in which his secretary could transfer calls from the office to his house. He saw a business opportunity in that and launched the concept as a company, and ‘The Virtual Office, Inc.’ was born in 1989.

How did the concept of virtual offices catch on so quickly?

The emergence of virtual offices was (and continues to be) largely dependent on the sudden and many technological advancements that had made their way into everybody’s lives.

  • Inexpensive fax machines: Fax machines, earlier owned exclusively by large businesses, were now available to the common man and anyone could send any document to any location.
  • Mass produced personal computers: Computers made their way into homes and smaller businesses were able to own them as well.
  • Email: Rather than rely on post or fax (soon becoming obsolete) email made communication faster and more affordable, breaking down geographical boundaries instantly.
  • Scanning: Fax machines are being replaced by scanners, which can retain the document in its original form and yet make it small enough to send by email, without compromising on quality.
  • Internet: The internet has been the backbone of the virtual office revolution, where information is sought, accessed and shared easily.
  • Mobile phones: This was the final invention that severed the cord that had tethered people to their offices. Smartphones have combined the convenience of mobiles with the power of the internet, contributing largely to the evolution of the virtual office.

What is the present day scenario?

A home address creates an amateur impression, but investing a large portion of hard-earned money into an office in a prime location isn’t feasible either. This is why many entrepreneurs and start-ups are starting to realise the benefits of virtual offices.

Virtual offices bring more than just effective communication to the table. For entrepreneurs, the virtual office helps bridge the gap between wanting an office and being able to make a long-term commitment. They get a professional sounding business address, and trained professional staff who can collect their mail and packages, and even answer calls for them. Everything works like clockwork, just like it would in an actual office.


Massive changes in technology have made it much easier to work remotely. However, as a business grows, it needs the backing of office services that only a virtual office can easily provide, as and when there is a need. Ralph Gregory just wanted to spend more time with his daughter. Today, his idea has spawned an entire industry and a new way of working that is enabling business growth and entrepreneurship like never before.

The Awfis Virtual Office

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a start-up, an SME or a large corporation, a freelancer or a consultant, the Awfis Virtual Office is your one-stop solution for a professional image.

All your mails and packages are collected on your behalf, and timely notifications are sent out to you to collect them at your convenience, during normal business hours.

When you sign-up to the Awfis Virtual Office program, you get much more than an address. There are meeting room credits, discounts on meeting rooms, a one day complimentary access to the flexi seats at your chosen virtual office centre, as well as access to the exclusive Awfis Rewards program that offers you amazing deals on F&B, travel and much more!


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5 Apps to Increase Productivity at Work

Business Innovations

25 August 2021

5 Apps to Increase Productivity at Work

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Life has become much easier with the advent of technology. With access to latest technology, work has become less strenuous. The biggest contribution to technology has been the invention of smartphones. They have not only made communication easy, but also play core to organize our lives. The hundreds of ‘add on apps’ have made life stress-free and have definitely helped increase productivity, in every possible way.


Here are some applications that we feel will help you outperform at work.

  1. WandurList:

As the name suggests WandurList is an app that helps you in maintaining a number of lists. It is a clean application which enables you to make multiple lists under various folders. It is available for Android, iOS and web users, but what makes it stand out is that WandurList enables you to access the lists from anywhere and from any device. The lists that you make are saved in the cloud, thus letting you share the lists with the other users. So the next time you are out of your office and need to assign work or access previous work, WandurList will be your go to app.

  1. Shoeboxed:

Tired of keeping track of your expense receipts before submitting for tax reduction every month? We have a perfect solution for you. Use shoebox and say goodbye to the strenuous process of filling out forms. Shoeboxed is perfect for people who are up and about in the name of the business. Shoebox can access either via android, iOS mobiles or also via the web. Scan the bills and Shoebox sorts out and collates the receipts for you and also generates an expense report.  By the end of the month all you will have to do is send it out to your accounts team.

  1. Speek:

Conference calling is an important aspect of how work happens in the business world. With growing business environment one needs to connect to people from various parts of the world and that’s where Speek steps in. It is an application that enables you to have a con-call by eliminating the process of dialling the numbers and the pin codes. Speek gives you a personal link which has to be shared with the people you want to have the conference call with and all they have to do is click the link to join in via their laptop, smartphone or the computer. So want to make a conference call? It’s just a link away now!

  1. Keeper:

Have a lot of passwords of various platforms to keep track of? Tired of sending email to the IT to retrieve your passwords? This application takes that burden of remembering passwords off your shoulders. You have one master password that has all the passwords stored in it. If any hack is attempted all the passwords are automatically erased to maintain secrecy. This application can be accessed via a phone, laptop or a computer with the android, IOS software or by using the web.

  1. Prezi:

Need to make flawless presentations that capture your client’s attention? We have a unique cloud based presentation application – Prezi. This app lets you put down all the information on one canvas and mark it out instead of making separate slides. It uses Adobe Flash Technology to animate the presentation. The application is easy to use and is also compatible for Windows, chrome, iOS and the Web.

Try the apps out and see the increased productivity that these applications bring about in your work life!

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Freelancers Work Better in Office Spaces than Coffee Shops

Business Innovations

25 August 2021

Freelancers Work Better in Office Spaces than Coffee Shops

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You would have seen freelancers and solopreneurs working intensely at coffee shops, buying a cup of coffee accompanied with something to bite on now and then, more to keep the table occupied rather than ordering by choice! But working out of a coffee shop comes with a set of challenges. Being in such a relaxed, casual ambience for work, you are not really motivated enough and you can only rely on self-motivation to keep you going.

Thankfully, this is something that can be resolved by working at collaborative office spaces. Leased workspaces and desks that you can find on a reliable collaborative working website like will also give you access to all amenities that you need when you work in an office, like free Wi-Fi and unlimited tea and coffee to keep you fueled up.

Freelancers in office spaces

Freelancers are looking for offices spaces with a positive atmosphere to conduct their work. More often than not, freelancers have a lonely job. They are at their laptops doing their work. However, at home, they have several distractions to keep them away from their desk. Coffee shops do not make the best talking environments for productive business meetings as a plethora of distractions come your way. No such worries exist in a collaborative working space where you are paying rent to be at your desk for work.

Let’s talk about the motivation factor now. Because you are in a roomful of people working on their desks, you are motivated to be a part of that workforce. You can make some great professional friends. As a freelancer, you cannot deny that working alongside others is a much better feeling that being a lone wolf, especially on days when things are a bit rusty. The general working ambience keeps you afloat, something that you find in plenty of plug & play rented office spaces.

If you have not considered working in a collaborative working environment, now is a good time to do that. All your criteria will be met and your business will commence in a cheerful and inspiring environment. After all, your venture deserves only the best.

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Changing The Commercial Office Space Landscape With Awfis

Business Innovations

25 August 2021

Changing The Commercial Office Space Landscape With Awfis

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The concept of working from a designated desk is slowly dying a premature death. Young professionals are no longer bound by the idea of a fixed office desk. For them office is their laptop and they take it where they want! When it comes to getting a super productive work space on a ‘Just in Time’ basis, without being bound by the lease period or lock in’s, all you will need is to login to

Our Pro-Working Centres are collaborative working structures that provides several advantages over working from home or even the nearest coffee shop! One key advantage is the immense flexibility offered through the easy to use mobile app . You can begin work at a short notice, immediately after acquiring the leased office space. There is no long lease period that you have to be bound with or limitations of continuing work in that same space for long. There are even premium cabins and fixed seats at Awfis centres that one can book from the Awfis App.

Rented Coworking offices in mumbai

Along with flexibility, comes the factor of freedom. When you enter into an agreement with Awfis for occupying its workspaces on rent, you hold the key to walk out of the arrangement as you see fit! There are no legal obligations to keep you chained. For example, if your startup is not really taking off and you want to discontinue with the office, you can opt out without any hang-ups. You can shift premises as per your requirement to meet the demands of your business as well.

Another advantage of working out of Awfis is the proximity of the office spaces with the transport lines of the city. All the major properties of, be it Mumbai, Bangalore or New Delhi, are located in a central business hubs. Your clients and customers will be able to visit your office in a jiffy. These locations add a lot of value to your business. In fact, when your own commuting hassle is drastically reduced, you are in a better position to work harder!

Awfis has several strategic business partners who provide preferential professional services at a subsidized rate as an additional offering to all its members. The amenities offered at centres include Wi-Fi, unlimited hot beverages, printing credits and meeting room credits. Therefore, after operating out of our pro-working centre’s for even a week, you will seldom consider the idea of shifting elsewhere. Once you have experienced working at Awfis, it will change the way you think about collaborative working.