How To Negotiate And Win Your Way With Each Zodiac Sign

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11 July 2016

How To Negotiate And Win Your Way With Each Zodiac Sign

  • Posted by Awfis Editorial

It’s no surprise that great businesses are often built on solid human capital. That means constantly having to network and collaborate with others – be it your eccentric employees, unreasonable clients or an over demanding boss. But sometimes, winning them over to see your side of the story can be quite a task. For what seems like a stalemate, simply follow our zodiac manual to crack the code to their entrepreneurial mind…

AQUARIUS (January 22 – February 21)

They are known to be true visionaries who are constantly pushing to break social norms. Traditional and conservative is not their style and they love hearing about fresh and new ideas that have yet to be discovered. Adaptive and innovative, it is best to consider them as decision-making equals, since they are probably ten steps ahead of you in terms of creativity.

PISCES (February 22 – March 20)

Their generous sense of spirituality and service to others makes negotiating with a Pisces – easy and effortless. To win them over, show them the greater good behind your motives over a great fine dine. Idealistic, empathetic and caring, they will lend steady support to social and humanitarian projects, while their knack for being organised and detailed will help you execute your projects to perfection.

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)

Assertive, dynamic and courageous are a few words that describe these folks. They adore a healthy amount of risk and adventure and will be the first of the lot to take a brave leap. Get them to tune in by being point-blank straightforward and allowing them to take centre stage in form of sincere compliments and leadership positions. Their world revolves around genuine warmth and affection and they look up to those who inspire them!

TAURUS (April 21 – May 20)

Show them the money through concrete numbers, because for them comfort and security rank very high. They are hardworking, dependable and practical but also very rigid in their goals. Never rush them into making decisions since they like to take their own sweet time to think things through. If you really want their support, then statistics and a steady plan for the future will do the trick.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

Sell them your idea like a true salesman, and they will buy it. Known for being social butterflies and great communicators, they love like-minded people who are equally as charming and enigmatic as them. Since they are very knowledgeable, they can be great teachers when it comes to their field. Remember to stay in their good books by being extremely diplomatic, at all times.

CANCER (June 22 – July 20)

Sensitive and nurturing, Cancerians use their emotional feelers to respond to their surroundings. Their body language and expressions will tell you everything you need to know. If you’re at a deadlock with them, then acknowledge their contributions and they’ll be on cloud nine. Being kind and understanding about   their dreams will win you their support in return!

LEO (July 21 – August 20)

Give them a chance to shine! These kind, vivacious and artistic personalities love being classy and centre-stage. Want a Leo on your team? Then simply consider adding value to their reputation and image. For them, loyalty and friendship is above anything else, so don’t ever break their trust. Known for being great managers, they will know how to strike the perfect balance between work and play.

VIRGO (August 21 – September 22)

This category signifies all the number crunchers and organisers that believe in logic and statistics over unpredictable emotions and gut instincts. They tend to hold on to order and tiny details with acute focus. If you’re banking on them in the long term, then get them to look at the bigger picture and how it could align with their personal goals. Also, don’t forget to over look all the details before approaching them, as they can tend to be highly critical.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 21)

They bent towards partnership and compromise, often finds them in positions where they believe in keeping everyone happy. Show them a general consensus, and they will be more likely to hear your plans. Just be clear about what you want and choose your words carefully as their investigative sense leaves no stoned unturned.

SCORPIO (October 22 – November 20)

These all-rounders are drawn to all that’s complex and analytical as they can achieve anything in difficult situations with flying colours. They appreciate go-getters and reliable people who can align with their goals. Sometimes, they might be sensitive due to their strong intuitive abilities but all you have to do is motivate them with a fair share of passion, risk and challenge.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21 – December 22)

They are fun, enthusiastic and optimistic who are constantly on the lookout to further their knowledge. They wear their heart on their sleeve and are naturally attracted to opportunities that involve travel and leisure. Their strong sense of independence makes it difficult to commit to one single thing but if you manage to show them the bigger picture of your bargain, then you might just have an audience!

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 20)

They are masters of strategy and implementation. Make sure you show them your ideas, as they will help you execute them with ease. Known for being poker-faced businessmen, they will often keep their feelings to themselves. Getting to know them on a personal level, can earn you their support and companionship, come what may.

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Are coworking spaces the future of work - the new collaboration spaces?

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08 July 2024

Are coworking spaces the future of work - the new collaboration spaces?

  • Posted by Awfis Editorial

Imagine being given the choice between working in a thoughtfully designed coworking space tailored for your comfort or enduring a migraine-inducing traditional office under harsh fluorescent lights. The decision seems obvious: most individuals would opt for the flexibility and comfort of the former. This inclination towards working in more congenial environments significantly contributes to the rising popularity of coworking spaces. These spaces appeal to an increasing number of professionals seeking a dedicated workplace that offers respite from the distractions of home and the monotony of conventional offices. 

However, the attraction of coworking spaces extends beyond merely escaping household interruptions or the tedium of a typical office setting. They provide a dynamic atmosphere, enhanced by comfortable lighting and contemporary architecture, which fosters productivity and alleviates feelings of isolation. This growing trend towards coworking raises a pivotal question: is this the future of work? Let’s explore this topic in greater depth to uncover the answer.

How did coworking spaces come into existence? 

The seeds of the coworking movement were sown in the mid-1990s with the rise of “hackerspaces” – tech-focused collaborative work environments. These early spaces fostered a spirit of knowledge sharing and community among independent tech minds. The concept gained momentum in the early 2000s with the officialisation of the term “coworking” and the opening of dedicated spaces catering to freelancers and startups. The emerging gig economy and people’s need for flexibility have led to a surge in coworking spaces in recent years. 

Today, these spaces offer a diverse range of options for individuals and businesses, with amenities personalised as per their specific needs. As coworking becomes the norm, the demand for flexible work solutions will only increase. Coworking spaces are likely to keep evolving, offering even more specialised solutions to support a future workforce that thrives on collaboration across industries.

Why Coworking Spaces Are Shaping the Future of Work

Coworking spaces offer a multitude of benefits for both individuals and businesses alike, fostering a collaborative and dynamic work environment that reflects the future of the workspace. Here are some reasons why coworking spaces could be the future of work:

  1. Flexibility: Coworking spaces offer the flexibility to choose when and where you work from. This flexibility plays a vital role in the future of work trends, allowing individuals to maintain a work-life balance that suits their personal needs.


  1. Networking Opportunities: In coworking spaces, you’re surrounded by a diverse group of professionals. This environment fosters networking and collaboration, which are essential for the future of workspaces, providing opportunities to connect, share ideas, and build professional relationships.


  1. Budget-Friendly: For businesses, coworking spaces can be more cost-effective than traditional office leases. They eliminate the need for long-term commitments and high overhead costs, making them a smart choice in the future of workspaces.


  1. Enhanced Productivity: The professional atmosphere of coworking spaces can boost productivity. With fewer distractions than a home office and the energy of a bustling environment, they are ideal for the future of workspaces, helping individuals stay focused and motivated.


  1. Access to Amenities: Coworking spaces often come with a range of amenities like high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and even coffee bars. These conveniences support the future of workspaces by providing everything you need to work efficiently in one place.


  1. Community and Support: Being part of a coworking space means joining a community. This sense of belonging and support from fellow coworkers can enhance job satisfaction and well-being, which is increasingly important in the workplace of the future.


  1. Innovation and Creativity: The collaborative nature of coworking spaces sparks innovation and creativity. When people from different fields work side by side, new ideas emerge, driving the future of the workspace towards more creative and innovative solutions.

By offering these benefits, coworking spaces are not just shaping the future of work trends but are nudging the work culture towards a more flexible, efficient, and collaborative future of workspaces.

Future Outlook: Will Coworking Spaces Become the New Normal?

The future of work looks bright. The global co-working market is expected to continue its exponential growth, driven by the increasing demand for flexible work arrangements. As technology continues to evolve and the coworking trend solidifies, coworking spaces are likely to become an even more integral part of the working landscape.

However, the evolution of coworking spaces will not be stagnant. We can expect to see increased specialization in these hubs, shaping the future of workspaces. Some may cater to specific industries, offering industry-specific resources and networking opportunities. Additionally, coworking spaces may integrate technological advancements such as virtual reality and augmented reality tools to enhance collaboration and communication. 

In Summary

The rise of coworking spaces represents a significant shift in the way we work and the future of workspaces. These collaborative hubs offer a solution to the challenges faced by the modern workforce, providing flexibility, affordability, and a sense of community. While the traditional office setup may not disappear entirely, coworking spaces are poised to play a major role in shaping the future of work trends, offering a dynamic and innovative approach to professional life. As technology and work styles continue to evolve, coworking spaces will adapt and further transform the way we collaborate, connect, and achieve success.

Coworking spaces are the future of work. Awfis meets the varied needs of today’s workforce by providing a wide range of coworking solutions, including private offices, dedicated workstations, and hot desking options. Whether you’re a freelancer, a startup, or a well-established company, Awfis provides the perfect platform to thrive in the ever-changing work landscape. It fosters a vibrant environment of creativity and connection in addition to simply providing space. Awfis is defining the workplace of the future with its innovative features, community activities, and dedication to promoting teamwork. Embrace the future of work and elevate your productivity with Awfis. 

From Freelancer to CEO: How coworking solutions support professional growth and development for everyone

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27 June 2024

From Freelancer to CEO: How coworking solutions support professional growth and development for everyone

  • Posted by Awfis Editorial

One of the most common problems that the young working crowd faces in today’s time is hitting the dreaded productivity slump while working. This concern usually arises when the workspace is not a stimulating work environment. And that’s exactly why coworking spaces are gaining extreme popularity. These collaborative hubs are transforming how professionals work, providing a dynamic environment that benefits everyone, from freelancers to CEOs.

Coworking spaces help you replace the tiny home office or mundane cubicles with stimulating, more exciting work environments. Coworking spaces are thriving for a reason. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and even experienced CEOs are flocking to these collaborative hubs. But it’s more than simply free coffee and comfortable seating. Coworking provides a one-of-a-kind setting that promotes professional development, encourages connections, and keeps you ahead of the competition. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a corporate leader, there’s a coworking solution waiting to help you succeed. Enter coworking spaces by AWFIS, the secret weapon for professionals at all stages, ready to turn your ascent into a shared journey to the summit of success.

The age of coworking

Coworking spaces have evolved as an effective option, providing a vibrant and collaborative environment for workers of diverse backgrounds. Gone are the days of lonely home offices and pricey, isolating traditional office spaces. Coworking solutions are effective in striking a balance between a collaborative and focussed workplace, meeting the changing needs of today’s workforce.

Coworkers come in all shapes and sizes

For freelancers, the initial pleasure of independence is swiftly tempered by isolation, a lack of resources, and the constant pressure to find new clients. CEOs, on the other hand, must scale a business, establish a great team, and navigate an ever-changing market situation.

Each working professional benefits in a different way from coworking spaces. So let’s analyse the advantages offered to various professionals:

Freelancers: Coworking spaces help freelancers avoid time-wasting distractions at home and increase productivity in a business situation. Furthermore, they provide a vibrant environment in which freelancers may network with like-minded people and meet new clients.

Remote Workers: The perfect escape from the monotony of working from home, coworking offices offer a dedicated workspace that promotes a good work-life balance. Remote workers also enjoy other benefits accrued by coworking spaces such as IT infrastructure, food and beverage and the opportunity to interact with the larger professional community.

Entrepreneurs and CEOs always aspire to foster a collaborative culture that attracts top people and drives innovation. Coworking spaces provide flexible workplace choices, allowing them to scale their business without the commitment of a typical lease.

Managers aim to facilitate team brainstorming sessions and discussions in specialized conference rooms. The coworking concept is effective in providing a versatile work environment suitable for client presentations, while also fostering a vibrant atmosphere that keeps teams motivated.

While these paths appear to be diverse, they all have a fundamental need for professional development and a dynamic work environment that fosters progress.

The best AWFIS in the coworking league

Coworking spaces have tons of perks, and AWFIS might be just what you need to unlock your potential. With a lively atmosphere, it’s perfect for freelancers, CEOs, and everyone in between. You’ll find flexible workspaces, top-notch amenities, and a community that’s all about helping you succeed. Here’s why AWFIS may be exactly what you need:

Community and Connection: These spaces buzz with energy. Freelancers can network with like-minded folks, while CEOs can tap into a diverse talent pool. The sense of community sparks new contacts and idea exchanges.

Professional Atmosphere: Coworking spaces offer a professional setting that beats a home office any day. With reliable internet, comfy workstations, and meeting rooms, you can focus on your work and make a great impression when needed.

Flexibility and Scalability: Coworking gives you the perfect mix of flexibility and commitment. Choose a plan that suits you, whether it’s a dedicated desk, a hot desk, or a conference room for a project. This flexibility is great for freelancers growing their business and for CEOs needing space without long-term leases.

Cost-Effectiveness: Traditional office space is expensive. Coworking is a budget-friendly alternative that cuts out the need to buy furniture, pay for utilities, and stock up on supplies. This leaves freelancers with more money to grow their business and CEOs to focus on their team and core operations.

A host of other services: AWFIS is an integrated workspace solutions platform which can offer 1 seat to 1000 seats, 1 day to 5 years and a plethora of services such as Design & Build, Facility Management and allied services such as IT, F&B, in addition to the core offering of co-working solutions.

How AWFIS Fosters Professional Growth

Booking a space at AWFIS can be great for your professional development:

Learning by Observation: Being around successful entrepreneurs and professionals, freelancers and aspiring CEOs can learn a lot just by observing. You can pick up on work styles, networking techniques, and problem-solving methods.

Networking and Collaborations: Coworking spaces offer more than just desks and Wi-Fi. Many have workshops, seminars, and networking events with industry leaders. These events help you stay current in your field and connect with potential collaborators and mentors. The casual environment also means you might strike up a conversation over coffee that leads to a new partnership or introduction.

Industry-Specific Spaces: Some coworking spaces focus on specific industries, creating a targeted pool of potential collaborators and clients. This is especially helpful for freelancers and CEOs looking for industry-specific connections.

Seamless Productivity: By working in a coworking space, professionals can focus entirely on their work or business while the operator handles additional workspace considerations such as facility management, food and beverage services, and internet connectivity.


Whether you’re a freelancer, CEO, or another professional, the journey can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. AWFIS offers a supportive environment that encourages professional growth, key connections, and a cost-effective launchpad for your success. Say goodbye to working alone and join the vibrant world of AWFIS —it might be just what you need to make your dreams a reality.

Creating community in coworking: The importance of networking and collaboration

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31 May 2024

Creating community in coworking: The importance of networking and collaboration

  • Posted by Awfis Editorial

Consider this scenario: you pull yourself away from the dull light of your laptop at home, needing human interaction. Instead of deadly silence or fluorescent-lit boredom, you walk into a hive of pulsating activity. Freelancers with computers gather around a whiteboard, and a graphic designer laughs with a content writer.

This, my friend, is the magic of a successful coworking space. It’s more than simply a shared workspace; it’s a hub for connection, collaboration, and the kind of energy that drives both personal and professional development. Here’s the secret ingredient: the coworking environment.

This vibrant network of people from various backgrounds becomes the throbbing core of any outstanding coworking space. It’s where accidental discussions create game-changing ideas, and solopreneurs join a supportive network that serves as a launchpad for aspirations and an infinite source of inspiration. Unlike traditional office cubicles, coworking spaces bring together a diverse range of skills and viewpoints, producing a community co-working environment in which people actively collaborate rather than simply coexist.

Understanding Community in Coworking Spaces:

Imagine a place where the barista recalls your coffee order and a friendly face gives assistance with a technological issue. That is the charm of a vibrant community office space. It’s a location where relationships extend beyond professional courtesy. It’s about being part of a supportive network that serves as a springboard for new ideas and a source of inspiration.

Coworking facilities, by definition, foster a sense of community. Unlike typical offices, where interactions are frequently limited to colleagues, coworking facilities bring together a diverse range of individuals. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers all interact, creating a unique ecosystem of skills and perspectives. This group collaborates, not simply coexists.

The Power of Networking in Coworking Spaces

 The importance of networking cannot be emphasised. Coworking spaces offer unprecedented opportunity for making relationships. Networking opportunities abound, whether it’s a casual talk in the common area, participation in organised events, or joining industry-specific interest groups.

These relationships can lead to productive collaborations, strategic partnerships, and even useful mentorship possibilities. Consider a graphic designer interacting with a content writer for a collaborative project, or a seasoned entrepreneur advising a new startup founder. The opportunities for growth within a successful coworking community are limitless.

Fostering Collaboration Among Coworkers

A strong coworking community is not formed overnight. Creating a collaborative environment demands a purposeful effort. Here are some approaches to make this happen. 

Organise Regular Events: Host workshops, networking mixers, or social gatherings to get people together and break the ice. These gatherings allow participants to demonstrate their skills, learn from others, and develop rapport.

Embrace open design: Instead of isolated cubicles, aim for open floor patterns with collaborative workspaces. This creates a more collaborative environment, enabling spontaneous brainstorming and knowledge exchange.

Facilitate Mentorship Programmes: Connect experienced experts with those seeking advice. This not only encourages knowledge transmission, but also generates a sense of community and belonging.

Utilise Online Platforms: Set up an online forum or social media group where members can communicate, share resources, and stay informed about upcoming activities.

Building Strong Relationships in Coworking Communities

Building solid ties within your communal work space is critical to maximising its potential. 

Here are a few tips:

Be approachable: Strike up a conversation with other users, identify yourself, and express genuine interest in their work.

Offer Assistance: Do you have knowledge in a specific field? Offer to help a fellow member who is suffering with a related task. Remember that rising tides raise all boats!

Participate actively: Participate in events, conversations, and workshops. The more engaged you are, the stronger your connections will be.

Be a good listener: People appreciate those who genuinely listen. Pay attention to others’ problems and provide assistance whenever available.

Overcoming Challenges in Community Building

Building a successful coworking community is not without its hurdles. Here are a few hurdles and ways to get through them:

Interest Diversity: Catering to everyone’s interests might be tough when you have such a diverse group. Conduct surveys and collect member input to customise events and projects to their specific requirements.

Shyness or introversion: Not everyone thrives in social situations. Provide a mix of social and solitary work locations, and encourage networking opportunities that cater to various personalities.

Maintaining Momentum: Keeping the community engaged demands a consistent effort. To keep things interesting, plan regular events, launch new projects, and aggressively solicit member feedback.


In today’s increasingly computerised world, human connection is still vital. Coworking spaces provide a unique opportunity to create a thriving community co-working environment that encourages networking and collaboration. Coworking spaces may become hotbeds of invention, professional development, and long-lasting friendships by cultivating a welcoming and collaborative environment. So, instead of isolating yourself through remote work, embrace the power of community. Your neighbourhood coworking space is full of opportunities for collaboration.