Awfis steps in Indore, capacity doubled within 3 months

29 September 2022

Awfis steps in Indore, capacity doubled within 3 months

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India’s largest flex workspace, Office (AWFIS), has leased an area of 75,000 sq ft in Indore. The company has taken this step to meet the target of increasing demand for workspace in tier 2 markets across the country. Located in the commercial district of Indore, these two centers are located at Winway World Office in Vijay Nagar and Brilliant Sapphire. The office has doubled the capacity of Vijay Nagar centre to meet the requirement of 600+ seats spread over 59,000 square metres. This has been done in view of the rapid expansion in the city of the leading IT and consulting firm, Ka.

Office centres in Indore reflect the growing demand for flexible workplaces in tier 2 markets, as Indian corporate and multinational companies are providing hybrid working and near-home work for employees to move closer to their workforce and available talent pool in these emerging metros.

The office environment offers a unique blend of different types of working styles. Each centre has a balance of closed areas where large teams can work together in a concentrated environment, while there are joint settings, meeting lounges, phone booths and cafe areas for small and big discussions, that too without any noise. Its first centre in Indore came into existence in June 2022.

Speaking at the launch, Amit Ramani, Founder & CEO, Office, said, “The pace of growth in tier 2 cities is accelerating, making this time perfect for Office to support the changing economy and the emerging workforce in these markets. We are delighted to announce our new centres in Indore, inspired by the adoption of the hub-and-spoke model of large organisations and recalling employees to their cities. ”

“Among the IT/ITS, telecom and consulting industries, we are seeing tremendous demand for co-working space in tier 2 cities and this trend will continue in the times to come,” he added. With adequate privacy and security, the Centre at Winway provides a focused workspace, especially for mid-sized groups, MNCs, SMEs and medium corporates.

In step with its expansion in emerging metros, the office wants to open 3-4 new centres in the next 12 months. With a huge demand for flex workspaces, the office is now building a large co-working network with 131 centres and 77,500+ seats across 14 cities in the country. With a network of 200 centres by the end of 2022, it will continue to hold strong in India.

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