Awfis to launch new 85,000 sq. ft. workspace in Noida

10 May 2022

Awfis to launch new 85,000 sq. ft. workspace in Noida

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Awfis, India’s largest home-grown flex workspace provider, has expanded its presence in Northern India through its’ new 1500+ seat coworking centre located in River Side Tower, sector 125, Noida. The launch of this new centre, which will go live by end of March 2022, is in line with Awfis’ vision of opening 200 centres across the country by the end of 2022.

In line with Awfis’ diverse target segments, the flex space adopts a digital first approach and is equipped with plush and modern amenities whilst maintaining social distancing norms, as mandated. This centre is a state-of-the-art property which adopts the design philosophy of creating a space that is elegant, minimalistic, and reflects the Indian culture. Offices like this promises to promote productivity as it will provide the much-needed support for the thriving business activities in the region.

Commenting on the launch of the new centre, Amit Ramani, CEO & Founder, said, “We are delighted to partner with River Side Tower to open this new workspace in Noida, which is rapidly emerging as one of India’s leading business hubs for large scale companies and startups alike.”

He added “In fact, the sharp recovery and the growing demand for flex workspaces from this region inspired us to continue to create grade-A flex workspaces, so as to facilitate businesses of all size in the market. We are confident that this trend will continue to grow and even the most traditional companies will see merit in setting up hub & spoke offices to help people work in close proximity to their homes allowing them to spend lesser time in commuting.”

Currently Awfis has 11 coworking centres in the Delhi-NCR region and the company plans to open 10-15 more centres in the market the by end of 2022. At the back of strong demand for flex workspaces, Awfis launched 50+ centres with 30,000 seats and entered 3 new markets in the past 15 months.  The company currently has 121 centres with 70,000 seats across 14 cities and will continue to strengthen its foothold across India to establish a network of 200 centres in 2022.

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Key Commercial Realty Trends in the New Normal

18 April 2022

Key Commercial Realty Trends in the New Normal

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With two years into the pandemic, the commercial real estate sector is gaining burgeoning demand as the world is getting back to normalcy. According to industry reports, compared to the volatility of 2021 of the second wave of the pandemic, the commercial real estate sector in the country would have a more stable business in 2022.  Additionally, with economy back on track after two years, the commercial real estate is poised for a potentially disruptive transformation.

Below are some of the key trends that will take shape in the industry:

Tier II & III cities: Upcoming hubs for commercial realty

With the urbanization culture seeping into the Tier II & III cities of the country, developers & flex workspace operators are eyeing these markets to transform them into the future of commercial real estate in India. Furthermore, the government is also determined to accelerate growth in the Tier II & III cities by introducing Atmanirbhar Bharat and Startup initiatives. Therefore, with rapid infrastructure, these cities have become the new employment hubs supported with hybrid working and reverse migration trends. In view of the same, many corporates are leaving their long-terms leases and are partnering with coworking spaces. Since flexi spaces don’t require a company to take up the entire office but just book a specific number of seats basis their workspace needs, the shared workspace model suits the modern way of work.

According to the Awfis Workspace Survey conducted in 2021, 58% of the participants are in favour of the hub and spoke model, expressing an interest to work from the nearest office or coworking space provided by the employer. While coworking spaces are equipped with facilities aligned with the new reality, it also provides an office-like environment for employees across the country.

Boundaries merging between commercial spaces

As the lines between professional and personal lives have merged with the current hybrid work model, all commercial spaces have come together to co-exist. Since, people enjoy the comfort of having all amenities in one location like restaurants, gyms, shopping arenas, offices, etc, there is a rapid adoption of mix-use developments. Therefore, going forward, one’s next office could be in shopping mall or a hotel.

The integration of co-working spaces with hotel spaces is quickly gaining momentum. Leading co-working spaces are partnering with hotels to cater to the discerning needs of today’s clients. Therefore, multi-services in a commercial space not only attracts a younger audience but provides huge opportunities for real estate owners to generate more revenue.

Automation of commercial real estate

As building owners are working towards responding to new behavioral patterns of customers, they are focused on providing safe spaces with integration of prop tech. As more people return to work in the next few months, developers & coworking operators are redesigning the space to accommodate touchless access, automated attendance, voice-controlled features to avoid maximum surface contact and ensure maximum safety of employees. New features like sensor-activated disinfectants, retina entry scanners, digitalized ventilator systems, etc in commercial real estate is customers with technology and healthcare. The same is aiding to shift in attitudes and preferences of younger generations for hybrid workspaces that includes work from anywhere or work from a co-working space.

Therefore, the silver lining amidst these challenging times is that coworking players are emerging as winners in providing optimum support to large enterprises, startups, freelancers, etc in enabling their businesses.

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5 Factors To Consider Before Choosing Your Coworking Space

14 October 2019

5 Factors To Consider Before Choosing Your Coworking Space

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Authored by Sumit Lakhani, Chief Marketing Officer, Awfis

Shared workspaces have undoubtedly become a primary choice for the new generation workforce of India. Coworking spaces have emerged as a strong pillar in the commercial real estate sector and are now the foremost alternatives to traditional workspaces. The unique facilities in coworking spaces make them an unparalleled choice for the millennial workforce who are seeking an ideal work-life balance. When one is looking to make the transition to a coworking space, there are multiple things to consider. Stated below are some of the insights, which will help you understand shared workspaces better. These tips can come handy while choosing an ideal coworking space for your business.

Flexibility & Mobility
In the true sense of the term, coworking spaces are flexible in nature in terms of timings, locations, seating arrangements, pricing options and tenure. Coworking companies understand the diverse needs of different organizations, independent employees and ever-expanding teams and therefore, offer seating options such as flexible seats, fixed seats, meeting rooms, cabins etc. along with an option to customize as per requirement.
With increasing complexity of work, extensive travel requirements and constant connectivity, coworking spaces provide the perfect solution to work seamlessly from anywhere, anytime. Offbeat offerings such as virtual offices help provide a professional footprint in a new market without physically being there while a national pass allows professionals to work out of multiple locations without the hassle of doing bookings every time. One should also look for a coworking provider with a large network spanning across several cities so they can work out of different locations as per their travel plans so a client meeting never goes amiss.

Design & Workspace Environment

Coworking spaces are tastefully designed to cater to the design sensibilities of millennials and Gen Z. Most coworking spaces flaunt vibrant walls, artistic installations and creative seating arrangements. Additionally, shared workspaces are planned with brightly lit cafeterias, meeting pods, highchairs, snooker tables, graffiti walls, etc. These form the ideal interiors, which boost employee productivity, enable collaboration and networking. The well-designed coworking spaces create a positive vibe, motivate employees while keeping monotony at bay. You can opt for a coworking space that offers to customize the interiors and design as per your requirement to ensure your brand elements and organization culture is absorbed and retained.


Networking Opportunities

Networking is at the heart of coworking spaces. The coworking set up organically encourages exchange of ideas. The networking opportunities which prevail in a shared workspace aid out of the box thinking, help in building long term relationships and identifying potential clients. Coworking spaces give access to a wide network which is missing in a traditional workplace setup, ideate with creative minds and thereby, foster productivity and enhance employee motivation. It also provides opportunities to make meaningful business connects and grow your business, find partners, agencies and potential clients well within the community itself. In such a case, it makes good business sense to choose a coworking company with a thriving strong community base.


Enterprise level facilities

Many coworking spaces provide 24X7 facilities like access to cafeteria, meeting rooms and workspaces along with a standard protocol for meeting downtimes in line with the requirements of many corporates & MNCs. The nighttime access is ideal for people/businesses working in night shifts for overseas clients or ones in creative fields who prefer to work during the night hours. Such people find coworking spaces the model spot to let their creativity juices flow effectively regardless of time and facility constraints. A number of large enterprises are opting for shared workspaces due to the efficient standard of services provided which is an important consideration for corporates. Coworking spaces have facilities which successfully meet operational processes and service-level agreements (SLAs) for such corporates.


Inspiration & Collaboration

Coworking spaces offer a platform where numerous professionals, startups, artists, freelancers and entrepreneurs meet and help each other to grow their business. Likeminded people come together to use their creativity, intellect and resources to help each other achieve professional & personal goals. The people working together are not only an inspiration for each other but also pose as mentors that go together a long way. It fosters community building within the ecosystem leading to various collaborative opportunities.

Coworking is ever evolving and make a perfect choice for startups, freelancers, SMEs as well as large corporates. They offer a range of seating options, bouquet of amenities, networking and event opportunities, community building activities, avoid overhead expenses and gives the ability to focus on work while space providers handle the rest.

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Awfis launches SME-focused initiative on MSME Day

27 June 2019

Awfis launches SME-focused initiative on MSME Day

  • Posted by Awfis Editorial

Awfis, India’s largest co-working space provider, has launched a major SME-focused initiative on MSME Day – a partnership with GlobalLinker, a unique SME enablement ecosystem, to allow small business owners to work from anywhere without experiencing loss in productivity.

As part of the partnership, Awfis will provide SMEs upto 20% discounts and offers on 30,000 seats and 250 meeting rooms across Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata and Chandigarh. A network of 2,50,000 SMEs on the GlobalLinker platform could benefit from this partnership.

Speaking on the partnership, Awfis CEO & Founder, Amit Ramani said: “We are extremely delighted to partner with GlobaLlinker which only reiterates our strong commitment towards providing robust business opportunities and the ideal working environment for SMEs in India. By specifically targeting SMEs, forming majority of India’s professional base, Awfis has been able to strengthen its position as a market leader in the co-working segment by offering an array of high-class services at an affordable cost. We look forward to this association with GlobalLinker by mutually utilizing our core product and their extensive network base of SMEs to co-create a self-sustaining and independent business eco-system.”

Sameer Vakil, Co-Founder and CEO of GlobalLinker said: ‘’We are pleased to announce our partnership with Awfis. This could potentially benefit the 2,50,000 SMEs on the GlobalLinker platform. Not only will SMEs be able to enjoy discounted rates, but will also be able to benefit with concierge services and workplace mobility solutions that allow SME owners to work from anywhere, without any loss in productivity.’’

With over 63 centers spanning across Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities in India, Awfis possesses a strong foundation to enable a thriving professional and customized eco-system for India’s SMEs. This, along with ample networking scope and nurturing latent business opportunities, provides an ideal platform for companies to drive businesses and strategically aim for a higher growth trajectory.

GlobalLinker focuses on connecting SMEs with each other so that they can enjoy unhindered networking powered by an algorithm based ‘match-making’. SMEs on the platform also benefit from unparalleled economies of scale through collective purchasing power and superior access to business knowledge and skills.

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