Stay Healthy, Work Better!

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16 November 2016

Stay Healthy, Work Better!

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Does the stress of hard deadlines, impending load of upcoming projects and relentless flow of e-mails dominate your working hours? Do you find yourself stuck at your desk all day long working hard without any breaks? Chances are this lifestyle can take a huge toll on your physical and mental health. However, there are ways in which you can cope with your busy schedule and stay healthy at work.

1. No one can replace a healthy home-cooked meal and fresh fruits

A home-cooked meal is the most customized your meal can get. You and your family know what would benefit your health and appeal your taste buds at the same time. Additionally, if you have a scrumptious meal waiting for you, there would be less chances of you being drawn towards food from the local restaurant or the snacks that your co-worker brought. You can even carry fresh fruits and dry fruits as snacking items rather than having oily and unhealthy food that will only add to your chances of weight gain. If you do decide to have restaurant food, make sure to balance it out with a lot of salad filled with vegetables and sprouts.

Takeaway: A home-cooked meal and fresh fruits makes you feel light and energetic throughout the day reducing your chances of feeling lethargic in the afternoon, thus increasing your productivity.

2. Meditation relaxes your mind

In times of stress and looming deadlines, taking a few moments to breathe deeply go a long way in calming the mind. Just closing your eyes and focusing on your breath makes the impending work take a backseat. Once you have had a few moments to meditate, you will realize that you can focus even better at work and get the same work done in a shorter amount of time. You can even use apps like Headspace to know more about and practice meditation.

Takeaway: Practice meditation for an hour every morning if time permits. If not, even mindful breathing for five minutes at your desk or at lunch will help your mind to focus better.

3. Exercise to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul

It is often difficult to catch even a half hour to go to the gym before or after work. However taking the stairs, walking or cycling to work and walking for ten minutes after lunch are all feasible options you can try at your workplace. You can even host conference calls or calls with clients while you walk up and down your office corridor. This ensures that there is some amount of blood flow in your body even if you are not going to the gym or attending a yoga session. These few moments of exercise can start the pumping of blood to your brain and hence make you feel lighter and more productive. Additionally, it will alleviate setbacks such as back pain and neck strain.

Takeaway: Small bouts of activity at your workplace will help you avoid physical stiffness and increase productivity.

4. Organising your week drastically reduces the work load

Having your whole week planned ahead of you will help you understand what is on priority and needs to be finished first. It will keep you in control of your work and week as well. You can therefore recognise how busy your week looks and take up extra work accordingly. This will also allow you to impress your seniors at work when you are able to meet deadlines and take up additional work when your schedule allows it.

Takeaway: Schedule your week so you know what is on priority.

5. Hydrating yourself continuously reduces lethargy

It is a must to drink at least 2.5-3 litres of water every day. You can set goals for yourself at work in order to achieve this target. Carry a one litre bottle and attempt to finish it before lunch, refill it and finish it by 5 pm and refill it again to sustain through the rest of the day. This practice goes a long way in avoiding lethargy during post-lunch hours. You can even consume fruits rich in water such as oranges, apples and cucumbers.

Takeaway: Drink a lot of water to get rid of toxins and avoid lethargy through dehydration.

6. Sleep well

Sleeping well at night takes away all the stress. It regenerates and relaxes the mind and body. On an average, you need at least 8 hours of sleep. However this is simply an average. Depending on your body, fatigue levels, and many other factors, you might need more or less hours to achieve complete relaxation. Exercising can help you to sleep better while lack of it might make you feel restless at night. Lock out all distractions such as your laptop and your phone, draw the drapes to cut out the light and prepare yourself for a deep and restful sleep every night.

Takeaway: Sleeping well is without a doubt one of the most important steps to staying healthy and achieving your goals at work.

7. Using the Pomodoro helps you concentrate

In the Pomodoro technique, there is an intensive work period for 25 minutes followed by a small break of 5 minutes. This helps you take brief breaks in your work schedule which you can use to refresh yourself. You can take a walk, talk to your co-workers or even practice meditation. This will help increase your concentration and focus as well as reduce procrastination. You can use an online Pomodoro watch to keep a check on how long your work sessions last and how long your breaks last.

Takeaway: Use the Pomodoro technique to increase your attention span and finish more amount of work during the 25 minute intensive work period.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge with an 8 hour job. Make this process easier by following the tips above to stay healthy and work better!

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7 simple hacks to make ‘Work from Home’ more productive

Work Life Balance

19 March 2020

7 simple hacks to make ‘Work from Home’ more productive

  • Posted by Awfis Editorial

We’re all in a unique situation with unprecedented number of people working from home instead of going to their office, coworking space, or even the nearby café. WFH (Work from Home) comes with its fair share of benefits and distractions. So, while you’re saving on commute time, you’re also struggling with following a routine. Fret not, because we’ve listed 7 simple hacks you can start doing right now to make WFH work for you.

1. Create a workspace: Maybe you have a study table or a makeshift arrangement on the bed. Either way, make the space your ‘workspace’ and as distraction-free as possible. Keep your desk essentials handy – pen, paper, water bottle. If possible, place a frame or mug of a motivational and inspiring quote in this workspace too.

2. Dress up: Home is already a comfort zone but there is something to be said for being a tad too comfortable. You need to give yourself mental cues that you’re in work mode so dress the part. And once you’re done for the day, you can, and must change into your wind-down PJs. Btw, dressing up doesn’t only mean wearing a shirt with shorts. It goes all the way. Yes, including shoes.

3. Make a to-do list: It’s easy to procrastinate especially when there are so many cat videos out there you could be watching without the boss walking in on you. However, a to-do list will help you structure your day and give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of it. And still leave you some time to watch those videos!

4. Check in daily: The reason coworking spaces are so much in demand is because they encourage collaboration and networking. There’s no reason why you can’t collaborate with your teams virtually. With multiple collaborative apps, and video conferencing facilities at your disposal, there could be a daily team huddle to brainstorm, follow-up and connect. Daily interactions also help in team bonding which we all know is crucial for delivering results.

5. Follow ‘SEE’ to a T: SEE is an acronym for Sleep, Eat, Exercise – the three things you need to ensure you’re getting enough of. Ideally, sleep and wake up at the same time every day and try to get 7-8 hours of quality rest. Schedule time to eat healthy nutritious food and make time to exercise even if it’s playing your favorite songs and dancing in the living room.

6. Take a break: The longer you work from home, the more important it is to take time out to connect with friends and family so that you’re not isolated. Even during work hours, take a break and call up an old friend, play with your dog or have an unofficial chat with a colleague. Think of it like the chai breaks in your office space. After all, all work and no chai makes Jack a dull guy.

7. Get a hobby: Make optimum use of the time you’re saving on commuting. This is the best time to learn new things, pick up hobbies you didn’t have time for or upskill for your current job profile by joining an online course. It’s rare to find extra time, so make the most of this unexpected opportunity.

From kids unexpectedly appearing when you’re on a video call to pets vying for attention; working from home has many interesting moments. Attuning the mind, being open to new methods and using some quality hacks are all it takes to bring together the best of both worlds.

10 desk essentials that make our workday better

Work Life Balance

06 March 2020

10 desk essentials that make our workday better

  • Posted by Awfis Editorial

As Monday knocks your door, you know it’s going to be another work-filled week, teeming with deadlines and KRAs. Although you might be a superhero in getting your tasks complete, all the while managing the day’s requirement efficiently, there’s always a scope to expand that competence. Yes, by streamlining work, you might think. Yet, that doesn’t come as easy as you think it might- you certainly need extra help! Have you paid attention to your desk? It can be a deal-maker for a lot of your daily work activities, with the right kind of accessories. In fact, it is these little “personal army of assistance” that can aid you in streamlining your work, greatly. Confused on what exactly do you need for your desk? Here is a checklist of things that would help you greatly:

  1. Desk Organizer 

It’s essential to have a nifty desk organizer, because more often than not, your desk would be a labyrinth that needs to have some sort of semblance. Organizers come with neat compartments to arrange your stuff into order.

  1. Monitor Stand 

A monitor stand, complete with various nooks and crannies, solve your elevation problem. Now, you can see your preferred level, as well as gain extra storage space, for all the little things that are still in disarray.

  1. Dispensable/Silicone Cutlery

Eating is a very important part of your work, especially when it is a sharedesk, but cutlery issues may bog your productivity. Not anymore, with a set of dispensable or silicone cutlery to save your time and effort to go and run for them.

  1. Beautiful Calendar 

While it is the generation of modern amenities, your desk will always require a beautiful calendar. This handy accessory doesn’t just beautify your table, it also acts as a reminder and helps you keep track of your important events/activities/tasks.

  1. Cable Organizer

Most of your day-to-day tasks involve a lot of engagement with digital devices and naturally, separating the jumble of cords attached to them takes up a great chunk of your time. Not anymore- keep an attachable cord organizer on your workspace and maintain your cords in their designated spaces with ease.

  1. Sticky-Notes

Work can come at any time and yet, you cannot be stuck to your desk 24×7. A set of sticky-notes can help you in this scenario, while also being a handy source of reminder for you and people visiting your co-working desk.

  1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

With all that yapping and cross-conversations, bringing concentration into your work becomes a really big task. Invest in a pair of great noise-cancelling headphones that have good overall sound, and can drown the constant chatter.

  1. Pen and Notebook set

Be it any profession, having a notebook is of utmost importance. Invest in a luxurious yet functional pen-dairy set, so that jotting down notes doesn’t seem like a huge downer- plus you’d be setting off a stylish impression.

  1. Computer Glasses

With growing hours spent in front of any digital device, your eyes are the ones to bear the brunt of deterioration. Invest in a great pair of blue light–blocking computer glasses for reducing digital eye strain.

  1. A plant

It’s important to take an environmentally conscious step towards the future- especially keeping the current context of resources in mind. The best way would be to nurture a plant at your co-working desk, to convey a striking message as well as helping you gain a patient demeanour towards day-to-day activity.

Here you have it- a list of office essentials that would make your work more synchronised and hassle-free! Time to head for that office-essentials shopping today!

How to Make Your Desk Feng Shui Friendly?

Work Life Balance

06 February 2020

How to Make Your Desk Feng Shui Friendly?

  • Posted by Awfis Editorial

It is a proven fact that clutter in our surroundings often becomes a barrier to our productivity. The more organized our office space is, the happier and productive we become. One of the best techniques to do so is going the Feng Shui way. 

Literally translated, Feng means wind and Shui means water. Feng Shui aims to harmonize our built environment with our natural environment to lift up the space’s energy and allow for growth. The technique has been proven to work and create a positive and creative atmosphere, perfect for one’s work life. Let’s look at how they can be used in office spaces.

What should be the fixed desk made of as per Feng Shui?

Feng Shui has a lot to do with the texture of the table, and the recommended one is wooden. As opposed to a glass desk where the energy movement is too fast, a wooden desk helps bring in the calmness of nature to our desk. But if you already have a glass or metal desk, there are cures to it: incorporate a natural element on it, like a plant or some fresh flowers.

Should you go for a fixed desk or a flexible desk?

Both options have their own benefits under Feng Shui; it all depends on what your goal is. For instance, the flexible shape of the desk allows a free flow of creativity, while a rectangular one promotes growth.

Although the Feng Shui method is flexible and has a cure for everything, the least in their ladder of the shape of the desks are square and oval since they are believed to trap in energy and become obstacles to creativity.

Another essential aspect to consider apart from the shape is the position of the desk. Where you are placing yourself while working, affects your thoughts immensely. The ideal location as per Feng Shui is one facing the entrance or the door. You should be able to see who walks in and what is happening at the gate to feel aware. At the same time, within the room, place your desk farthest from the entrance in order to not feel distracted. Studies also reveal that the person sitting away from the entrance is also usually the most powerful one in the room.

What more can you do to make your space Feng Shui friendly?
  1. Keep your space neat and organized: This includes keeping all your books, documents, stationery, wires, etc. in an organized fashion. This can be done by forming clear piles or having desk organizers.
  2. Include colours: Nobody likes a dull working space. One of the biggest tips under the Feng Shui is to have colours around you that motivate you to work and de-stress. Green, blue, white and yellow are some of the most preferred colours for the same.
  3. Pay emphasis on the air quality: There is extensive focus on the kind of air we breathe since it directly affects our vibes. Surround your desk with air-purifying plants.
  4. Have productive walls: It is important not to let disorienting and confusing walls come in your way. Put up beautiful paintings or motivational posters.
  5. Have windows in your space: Windows become our passage of interacting with the natural world. Since Feng Shui is all about creating the right energy, windows contribute extensively to build that vibe and consequently increase productivity.

Be it a flexible desk or a pre-set one, Feng Shui has techniques and cures for everything! These Feng Shui friendly desk tips will help you boost your performance and feel more comfortable and motivated while working.

Apart from these things, one of the biggest factors that can help you get closer to the ultimate Feng Shui desk is channelizing personal energy the correct way. Take a few minutes out every day to introspect and meditate, and you will realize how powerful and liberating this self-introspection will make you feel!

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