Revant Bhate, CEO and Co-founder of Mosaic Wellness, a health and wellness start-up that specializes in providing custom digital healthcare solutions to individuals, believes that the hybrid model of working remotely and in-office is the future. This model allows for greater flexibility and convenience, particularly in big cities like Mumbai, where it can significantly reduce commute time. Additionally, it can aid in creating an authentic environment for employees, as they feel more comfortable speaking up or sharing their thoughts in an online medium. Furthermore, the hybrid work model promotes work-life balance as it allows employees to spend more time with their family which is seen as an effective way to de-stress and improve physical and emotional well-being.
Revant is the co-founder and CEO of Mosaic Wellness. He is also ex-partner at Kstart, Kalaari Capital’s seed program, where he invested in multiple B2C businesses. Previously he has worked towards building India’s largest food delivery business – Rebel Foods as an Entrepreneur in Residence over a period of 5 years. He comes from an investment banking background and is also an alumnus of IIM Kozhikode.

Health and wellness start-up Mosaic Wellness was born during the pandemic at a time when telehealth service was finding its place in the Indian healthcare market. The firm’s CEO & Co-founder Revant Bhate said it was a co-incidence that the business took off when online healthcare consultations was not only an option but the only way for many patients. While Mosaic Wellness only dealt with elective healthcare or consumer-directed healthcare, the timing helped to make a head start as its business model was focussed on providing customised digital healthcare solutions to individuals.

However, operating in the wellness space came with its challenges. It is “unaffordable, unenjoyable and has a lot of friction,“ Bhate said. “We have to first make it frictionless, then affordable, and eventually enjoyable for us to actually succeed at our vision of helping people stay on the journey to health.” Having worked in the healthcare space for a decade helped in navigating through those challenges. Today, Mosaic Wellness has around 200 medical professionals and served around 2 million customers through two of its platforms, each customised for men and women respectively. Bhate points out that operating on a digital platform meant that the products could reach pan India and its consultation services was available across the country. Even the company’s business operation is largely kept location agnostic, and he prefers to maintain it hybrid in the future as well.

He explains why:

Saves commute time

Having a flexible office set up is convenient to operate in big cities like Mumbai as it can immensely reduce the travel time, according to Bhate. At present, Mosaic Wellness operates out of offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru with a total employee strength of around 200. “I don’t need my team to travel 25 kilometres to get to office, I can take office to them. If we expand, let’s say suddenly 20 people want to work from Goa, we can set an office there.” He said the pandemic has helped in figuring out how to work remotely in an efficient manner and he sees the hybrid model to be the future.

Aids in creating an authentic environment

One of the values that the company inculcates is to be authentic and respect for fellow employees. According to Bhate, many people feel more comfortable to speak up or let their thoughts out on an online medium without the fear of how the other person might perceive it. “We have to respect and be authentic with each other and working remote helps that. One can even have difficult conversations through chats.”  He feels providing that flexible set up creates that conducive environment for its employees to remain authentic and focus on productivity.

Maintains work-life balance

One of the advantages of adopting hybrid model is that it allows employees to spend more time with the family. He finds the time spent with family as one of the best ways to de-stress and get that much needed break from work. “Both in the morning and evening, I get an extra one hour to spend time with my son as I have the flexibility to work from home. People don’t value it but spending time with the family is the most enjoyable period. If you’re getting that, then it’s always a good therapy to stay fit physically and emotionally.


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