2021 has brought with it a more definitive understanding of the new ways in which organizations and the workforce will thrive in near to long term future. Distributed workforce model has emerged as the best middle ground between Work from Home and Work from HQ. And while many businesses had created new processes and procedures to adapt to a remote workforce last year, distributed workforce is now a new proposition that companies need to readjust to in order to productively work apart together.
Key Highlights:
  • While work from home has equipped employees with high level of productivity, it has also bought feeling of isolation, blurring of lines between work life balance and lack of collaboration.
  • A fundamental change bought by remote working is the trust between a manager and a direct report to work with utmost efficiency and productivity.
  • Companies that were forced to adapt to a hybrid model of working due to the pandemic are now embracing it.
  • HR policies have to be constantly evolving or situational in nature to provide the right solutions to businesses. Long term or rigid policies have not always proven to be successful.
  • Employees are seeing multiple benefits in a hybrid model of working like cost savings, work-life balance and flexibility to work from any location of their choice.
  • Organizations must enable employees with the right work setup to ensure optimum productivity and seamless communications between teams for a sustainable work environment.
  • Trust plays a critical role in a remote working scenario where managers should ensure that team members feel engaged, well connected and focused but not extensively scrutinized.
  • Organizations will have to define few processes to manage performance, communication and engagement in a remote working scenario.
  • Collaboration will emerge as an important factor in performance management. Individual goals will have to be met alongside team building and knowledge sharing amongst teams.
  • New era of work will largely depend on technology to ensure a safe, smart and smooth remote working scenario.

Attended by 750+ participants from Syngenta, VFS Global, Paytm, Times Group, Dassault Systems, CBRE, JLL, Knight Frank, Anarock, Sandvik, Hexagon and many more.