The CRE industry globally is at the cusp of a design & technology driven revolution. In the face of current challenges, a design and technology augmentation seem to be an apt solution to stay relevant, sustainable, agile and in sync with the demands of the new reality. The accelerated change driven by design & tech innovations will ultimately create the workplace of future which will be resilient, flexible, collaborative, intuitive and seamless.
Key Highlights:
  • Technology will continue to play a major role at several levels in determining the functioning of offices and the workforce going forward.
  • Technology will build confidence amongst employees to return to work during the pandemic apart from the social distancing norms and hygiene protocols by companies.
  • Workplace consciousness will propel workplace design and technology to become more purposeful and strategic.
  • Office tech will have to provide next level of convenience and collaboration that may not be easily possible at home.
  • Workplaces are here to stay but their purpose will change. It will now serve as a place to mentor, co-create, engage and act as a tool to attract talent and fuel productivity.
  • Organizations are massively investing in technology at the backend and frontend to help employee mobility and productivity.
  • Flexibility, agility and a hybrid work culture will need to be embraced into the way we work as companies will need to look at decentralized model of working
  • Corporations are beginning to reconfigure working styles to increase efficiency and attract talent pools by moving to augmented workspaces virtualising the entire workspace experience. Designers and employees will need to add multiple dimensions to draw and engage the talent.
  • Designers and employees will need to add multiple dimensions to draw and engage the talent.

Attended by 700+ participants from Savills, Gensler, Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE, JLL, UltraTech Cement, Microsoft, Siemens, DBS, Deloitte, Duff & Phelps, Hero MotoCorp, Smarten Spaces and many more.