Join Akash Chauhan, Head of HR at Chaayos as he discusses the importance of aligning the culture of an organization with the context of its business. Akash shares his insights on the challenges faced by founders, the evolution of intrinsic values, and the crucial role workspaces play in bringing people back to the office. He also delves into the benefits of open work formats and how they help create a more collaborative work environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Context matters in building an organization: The culture of an organization should align with the context of the business. This means that when building an organization, it’s important to be thoughtful about the context of the business and what drives it.
  • Alignment between founder and business: Founders need to align their modus operandi with the needs of the business to be successful. This means that the way founders operate needs to be in sync with what the business needs.
  • Intrinsic values are fundamental: While ways of working may evolve, intrinsic values of individuals do not fundamentally change. Hustle is valued in the early stages, while thought leadership is valued in later stages of the business.
  • Workspace and culture alignment: It is important for workspaces to align with the culture and values of the organization. The tangible aspects of an organization are formed by the workspaces and connections that employees build at the workplace.
  • Open work formats: Open work formats do away with power distance, which can help create a more collaborative work environment. Workspaces play a crucial role in bringing people back to the office and building connections between employer and employees.

Our Speakers for the session:

Akash Chauhan

Head of HR, Chaayos

Sukirti Pandey

VP - Marketing, Awfis