Move Over Food Trucks: India’s First Mobile Office Is Here

30 January 2017

Move Over Food Trucks: India’s First Mobile Office Is Here

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Traffic jams making you an angry young man/woman? Make use of those on-road hours by getting shit done, meeting people on-the-go and being a part of this vanity-van-meets-futuristic mobile office. You have the co-working brand, Awfis, to thank for this invention.

Time Is Money

Nobody likes tiring commutes and we’re assuming nobody’s having a raging love affair with office cubicles either. So this office van with Wi-Fi, pantry, a washroom, comfy seats, an LED screen and everything you need to work in peace, is the way to go for your next Noida-Gurgaon commute.

The project is in its pilot run and the service is currently only available for people who already have reserved spots at Awfis’ many branches {we know that’s a bit of a bummer}. Or if they refer their friends and relatives.

The van can take up to eight people and bookings need to be made to the centre manager one day in advance. You can book a ride for four hours for INR 4,000, and INR 7,500 for eight hours {plus service tax}.

So, We’re Saying…

Even if you’re a freelancer living on paltry salary, this is your chance at feeling like a high-flying corporate honcho who likes to squeeze productivity out of every waking minute. And if all goes well, who knows, but this might be the next big thing for us working folks.

Ab bus bhi karo? 

(This Awfis coverage appeared on LBB on January 25, 2017 under the article headlined ” Move Over Food Trucks: India’s First Mobile Office Is Here.” You can read the full story at )