A stroll through Awfis workspace

17 November 2017

A stroll through Awfis workspace

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Provides activity based settings that are futuristic, modern and enhance the productivity of its users


The use of appropriate lighting, ergonomic furniture and sustainable materials provide an environment that focuses on the health and wellbeing of its users

Awfis-workspace 2

The floor layout provides various zones for quiet work zone, interactive collaborative zones and various meeting options supported by new age technology that allows users to be completely mobile, collaborate across centres and have effective work settings

Awfis-workspace 3

The use of appropriate materials for flooring, ceiling and partitions creates an environment that is aesthetically appealing while delivering a superior work experience

Awfis-workspace 4

The interior elements provide a variety of spaces that includes engaging break out zones, open collaboration zones, rock pods, cocoon, community area, meeting pods, lounges etc. in order to provide an environment that inspires and fosters innovation

Awfis-workspace 5

Designs are based on pan India Awfis design guidelines with an emphasis on optimum space utilization

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