About Awfis@Home

As India’s largest shared workspace provider, Awfis brings a unique solution for an exemplary remote work experience.
Awfis@Home can help you transform your remote working experience with an end-to-end platform that not only assesses your organisational readiness but also deep dives into understanding your employees and provides made-to-measure solutions. From the physical infrastructure to connectivity and collaboration tools; everything is seamlessly integrated with technology that puts you and your organisation at the centre.

The a@h Assessment Tool

The a@h Toolkit

The a@h Tech-enablement

The a@h Assessment Tool

Assessing ‘WFH Readiness’ for employees and organizations

Is your organisation ready to adopt work from home as a long-term strategy? Are your employees and managers suited to operate and manage remotely?

It’s important for organisations to recognize that providing the right infrastructure and tech support is as important, maybe more so, at home as it is in an office. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to employee needs.

Our comprehensive assessment tool highlights the challenges & opportunities of work-from-home for individual employees, managers and the organization as a whole.

How the a@h assessment works

We conduct an org-level survey

This survey highlights the likelihood of success of remote working for your organization basis: Employee Readiness, Organization Readiness and Manager Readiness.

We gauge the need gaps

An in-depth understanding on the relationship between work from home effectiveness and organizational, technological & employee-manager readiness.

We share a comprehensive assessment report

The assessment scores the organization across various parameters and provides critical insights using a unique algorithm based on the responses received by the organization’s workforce.

The a@h Toolkit

Delivering customized solutions

Whether you’re a freelancer working solo or part of an organisation, the key to being productive while working from home is having the right environment and tech support. The a@h toolkit is designed to cater to different needs and provides solutions ranging from contemporary smart desks, ergonomic task chairs, office grade Wi-Fi, data security, IT troubleshooting, and more.

The a@h toolkit offers

Physical Infrastructure

Select from a wide range of smart desks, ergonomic task chairs in contemporary designs and customizable variants. The range is sensitive to space specifications and comes in varying sizes.

Tech Solutions

From highspeed broadband and data security solutions to laptop, desktops and accessories; you can choose your software and hardware at one place. We also offer technical support with an SLA based upon effort.

Awfis Benefits

Get access to the vast Awfis network and additional perks like meeting room credits, day pass, printing, scanning and delivery services at your nearest centre. You can also attend exclusive Awfis events, held virtually or as per social distancing norms.

The a@h Tech-enablement

An integrated tech platform

While working remotely offers many advantages, one of the most oft-cited drawbacks is isolation. As teams work remotely, the need to build a connected ecosystem becomes ever more important. The Awfis app is designed for enhanced connectivity making work from home not just efficient but also social. It enables you to seamlessly integrate the distributed work experience to a single platform - connecting teams, providing support and building efficiencies.

The App Features

Attendance Management System

With Geo-tagged remote check-in so people can choose to mark their attendance from home or office

Customer First Desk

A real-time feedback & tracking mechanism for remote tech support, troubleshooting & IT solutions

Autonomous Connectivity

A touch-free smart scan option for access to any Awfis centre and meeting room, along with a simple meeting room booking system ensures a seamless online and offline integrated experience.

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