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Be present anywhere & make a mark everywhere!

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Virtual Offices starting at Rs.1499 per month

Virtual Offices Across India

Be present anywhere & make a mark everywhere!

Professional Address

Professional Address

Expand your business footprint. Choose from a large network of professional and credible Awfis addresses for your business communication and mail handling.
Unmatched Benefits

Unmatched Benefits

A range of unparalleled business-friendly benefits that allow you to scale your business and enjoy complete flexibility at the same time. Be it access to work desks at your convenience or occasional business meetings in a professional setting, we have services especially designed for your needs.

What's Included

  • Mail and package receipt and storage
  • Complimentary access to work desks at your convenience
  • Meeting Room credits that can be redeemed across locations in India
  • Exclusive access to Awfis Rewards Program

Special Offers

  • 1 Day of complimentary access every month in Awfis centre
  • 1 Hour of Meeting Room credit every month across any Awfis Centre
  • 15% discount on Awfis meeting rooms


What is Awfis Virtual Office?

Awfis Virtual Office is a unique solution that helps you create a professional image for your business without booking an actual physical space. It means you acquire communication capabilities and an address, without having to set up a dedicated office space. Signing up for Awfis Virtual Office also come with multiple other benefits like free meeting room credits and complimentary access to the network of Awfis centres.

What are the benefits of using Awfis Virtual Office?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to book a Virtual Office with Awfis.
  • Rentals in prime locations can be steep especially in metro locations, however, having a business address at such locations is great for a business’ image. Awfis Virtual Office helps you in this image makeover for work.
  • If you work from home and you cannot have your home as your business address, Awfis Virtual Office, gives you that professional sounding business address to operate from.
  • If you are a new business who do not wish to add to your overheads by renting a physical office and staff, the Virtual Office solution provides you with trained professional staff to collect your mail and packages and answer calls for you. All your mail will be in safekeeping with your chosen Awfis centre, which you can collect from the centre, at your convenience. The calls can be directed to you or messages noted and sent to you for further action, just like a regular office.
  • Virtual Office is a solution that can be used by corporates too, when the organization wants a footprint across various cities in the form of an office address but a completely operational setup. Awfis Virtual Office gives the flexibility to travel to these locations and set up business meetings at any of the meeting rooms across centres.
  • Additional benefits of signing up for the Awfis Virtual Office include:
    • 1 day complimentary access to a flexi-seat every month for the linked Awfis centre
    • 1 hour meeting room credit every month which can be accessed across centres
    • 15% discount on booking meeting rooms
    • Exclusive access to the world of Awfis Rewards Program

Who can book Virtual Office with Awfis?

Virtual Office is meant for all businesses with its solution extending benefits across the spectrum -
  • Entrepreneurs/ Mompreneurs/ Localpreneurs
  • SMEs and startups
  • Freelancers and consultants
  • Large corporates
  • In a nutshell, Awfis Virtual Office is a one stop solution for you, if you are in the early stages of your business or want to expand to a location beyond your current network and have a local mailing address. Awfis’ professional and trained staff can manage the mail and packages and communication on your behalf and relay it to you at your convenience.

How are the mails and couriers managed?

The trained staff at Awfis will receive the mails and packages on your behalf. Timely notification is sent out to you for the same. All you need to do is pick the mails up from your chosen business centre, at your convenience, during normal business hours.

How can I avail the benefits provided with Awfis Virtual Office?

Meeting credits worth one hour every month will be credited to you automatically when you sign up. You can choose to redeem it across any of our centres, subject to availability. In addition, there is 15% discount offer for booking meeting rooms, if you require.
You can also avail one day complimentary access to the flexi seats available at the centre where you have chosen to take up the virtual office.(Based on availability) Signing up with Awfis also gives you access to the Awfis Rewards program to avail the deals on offer across a wide range of categories from F&B, travel and much more!

How does the VO payment works?

If you book VO for more than 3 months, we take payment for first months and last two months. Balance amount is payable every month from the start of 2nd month. For e.g. If you book for 6 months, you will pay for 3 months as advance and rest 3 months payment will be made at the start of 2nd,3rd and 4th month. You will get email reminders for the payment at the start of the month. You can pay the amount from your Awfis booking dashboard.