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B1_a_Memorandum Of Association

B1_b_Articles Of Association

B2_Certificate Of Incorporation - Dec'14

B3_Certificate Of Incorporation - Dec'23

B4_CTC - 15th Dec'23 - Authorising The Offer

B5_CTC - 16th Dec'23 - Authorising The Fresh Issue

B6_CTC - 7th May'24 - Reduction Of Fresh Issue

B7_CTC - 20th Dec'23 - DRHP Approval

B8_CTC - 14th May'24 - RHP Approval

B9_CTC - 7th May'24 - Offered Shares By Selling Shareholders

B10_CTC - 14th May,2024 - KPI Approval

B11_Key Performance Indicators Certificate - NBT And Co

B12_a_Link Consent Letter - 7 May 2024

B12_b_Extract Of Minutes - Link - 7th May 2024

B12_c_Bisque Consent Letter - 7 May 2024

B12_d_Extract Of Minutes - Bisque - 7th May 2024

B12_e_Peak XV Consent Letter - 7 May 2024

B12_f_Extract Of Minutes - Peak - 7th May 2024

B13_a_Restated Shareholders Agreement - 12th Dec'22

B13_b_Amendment Agreement 13th July'23

B13_c_Awfis-Series F SHA Addendum- 4th Dec'23

B13_d_Awfis-Series F SHA AVM Addendum

B13_e_DOA Samedh Trinity Partners Series F ILP 5th June'23

B13_f_DOA - Ashish Rathi Series E ILP 5th June'23

B13_g_DOA Incipience Dealers ILP 5th June'23

B13_h_DOA Madhu Jain Series F 18th July'23

B13_i_DOA - Tarun Khanna

B13_j_DOA - Saurabh Gupta

B13_k_DOA - Ashish Rathi And Others

B13_l_Madhu Jain Consent AVM

B13_m_DOA Ashish Rathi ILP 5th June'23

B14_SHA Amendment Agreement - 21st Dec,2023

B15_SHA Amendment Agreement - 1st May,2024

B16_First Inter-Se Agreement - 21st Dec'23

B17_Second Inter-Se Agreement - 21st Dec'23

B18_CBRE Consent Letter

B19_Industry Report On Flexible Workspaces Segment In India

B20_Analyzing NPS And CSAT Scores For Awfis Co-Working Spaces

B21_Certificate And Consent From IP Consultant

B22_Certificate On The Basis Of Offer Price - NBT And Co

B23_Consent Letter - S.R. Batliboi & Associates

B24_Examination Report Dated May 2, 2024 From Our Statutory Auditors

B25_Consent Letter - NBT And Co

B26_Statement Of Tax Benefits

B27_a_Annual Report Awfis 2020-21

B27_b_Annual Report Awfis 2021-22

B27_c_Annual Report Awfis 2022-23

B28_1Lattice Consent Letter

B29_a_Banker To The Company Consent - HDFC

B29_b_Banker To The Company Consent - ICICI

B29_c_Banker To The Company Consent - Kotak

B29_d_Consent Letter - BRLM - ICICI

B29_e_Consent Letter - BRLM - Axis

B29_f_Consent Letter - BRLM - Emkay

B29_g_Consent Letter - BRLM - IIFL

B29_h_Consent Letter ID Anil Parashar

B29_i_Consent Letter ID Radhika

B29_j_Consent Letter ID Sanjay Shah

B29_k_Consent Letter NED Rajesh Kharabanda

B29_l_Consent Letter NID AmitRamani

B29_m_Consent Letter NID Arjun Shanker Bhartia

B29_n_Consent Letter - Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

B29_o_Consent Letter - Khaitan

B29_p_Consent Letter - Registrar To The Offer

B29_q_Consent Letter - Cash Escrow And Sponsor Bank - ICICI

B29_r_Consent Letter - Escrow Refund And Sponsor Bank - HDFC

B29_s_Consent Letter - Monitoring Agency

B30_Tripartite Agreement - 16th June'16 - Company, NSDL & Registrar To The Offer

B31_Tripartite Agreement - 7th December'23 - Company, CDSL & Registrar To The Offer

B32_Due Diligence Certificate - BRLMs To SEBI - 21st Dec'23

B33_a_NSE In-Principle Approval

B33_b_BSE In-Principle Approval

B33_c_NSE In-Principle Approval Annexure

B34_SEBI Observation - 16th April'24

B35_SEBI Clarification Letter - 15th January'24

B36_a_NBT And Co - Certificate On Weighted Average Price And Cost Of Acquisition Of Equity Shares

B36_b_NBT And Co - Certificate On Employee Stock Option Schemes

B36_c_NBT And Co - Certificate On Financial Indebtedness

B36_d_NBT And Co - Certificate On Outstanding Dues To Creditors

B37_a_Complaint - DoIT Urban Ventures India - 11th Jan,2024

B37_b_Complaint - DoIT Urban Ventures India - 7th Feb,2024

B37_c_Complaint - DoIT Urban Ventures India - 25th Apr,2024

B37_d_Response To SEBI For Complaint- DoIT Urban Ventures India - 23rd Jan,2024

B37_e_Response To SEBI For Complaint- DoIT Urban Ventures India - 17th Feb,2024

B37_f_Response To SEBI For Complaint- DoIT Urban Ventures India - 3rd May,2024

B37_g_Anonymous Complaint - NCube Ex Employee - 21st Feb,2024

B37_h_Response To SEBI For Anonymous Complaint By NCube Ex Employee - 12th Mar,2024

B37_i_Complaint By Kamal Rao - May 3rd,2024

B37_j_Response To Complaint By Kamal Rao - May 8th,2024

Composition of Committees